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VII Days

VII Days
Release Date: May 7, 2015
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The MINI project “VII Days”, is here to provide 7 free songs, one a day for a whole week. Presenting singles that didn’t make prior projects, and other collaborative tracks that were created to recognize the individuals and groups we (#raplords) work with, and intend to release music with for 2015 and beyond.

Each song has it’s own story and it’s own artists, so catch each one as they drop, listen and read about how the songs came about. Learn something about the artists, and we hope that you like what you hear enough to add each to your own collection, and share with your peers.
The future shows big promise for the label as it teams up with a handful of hometown, Milwaukee based artists to release their works in collaboration with Uni-Fi Records through 2015. The team recognized and hand selected these groups or individuals based on similar paths of operating and creating good hip hop music, or in some cases these relationships formed naturally from being in the same city for so damn long.

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