Raplords is represented by Uni.Fi Records and consists of Mammyth (DJ/Producer/Engineer), SPEAK Easy (Emcee) and Dana Coppafeel (Emcee), as well a constantly-rotating crew of collaborators they consider part of the family.

Milwaukee has become fertile ground for hip-hop lately, so it’s no surprise that rap collective RapLords are announcing the release of their debut album, #RapLords on indie label Uni-Fi Records. The 12 track project will be available November 10, 2015 and includes an impressive list of local and national features, such as Skyzoo, Guilty Simpson, Open Mike Eagle, Punchline, Haz Solo, Signif, Von Alexander, J.J. Jabber and Vincent VanGREAT.

During the last three years, Coppafeel and fellow Uni.Fi Records’ labelmate SPEAK Easy have worked as a duo, putting out a handful of well-received projects with the help of super engineer/dj/producer, Mammyth. Over time, Mammyth’s vision began pushing their sound to a new level, prompting the two established emcees to formally adopt him and officially put a name to the crew — RapLords.

“Mammyth’s been instrumental to Milwaukee’s rise on the national scene,” explains SPEAK Easy. “He’s behind so much great stuff coming out of here and we’re lucky to have him on our team.”

“SPEAK just has bars and Dana’s like the godfather of Milwaukee emcees,” said Mammyth. “This record is about expanding and experimenting with sound. Nobody allowed anyone else to settle or be anything other than great. From engineering to lyricism to creativity, it’s all on-point.”

RapLords consider themselves more of a collective than a members-only group. “We’ve always been about collaboration. It’s who we are,” says Uni.Fi owner and #RapLords co-producer, Dima “White Russian” Pochtarev. “Dana, SPEAK and Mammyth are the core team, but RapLords includes anyone we bring into the fold to work with us. It’s a constantly-rotating crew of really good co-conspirators we consider part of the family. Most people will tell you that collaboration is why the Milwaukee scene is blowing up right now. We’re doing this together.”